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Ghost emerging from 1950s doll

Mom convinced her home is haunted after capturing ‘ghost’ emerging from mom’s 1950s doll on security camera

A "FREAKED out" mom claims her house is so haunted she is now too scared to even enter her basement alone – after capturing spooky footage of a GHOST emerging from a doll and CHASING her cat.

Kathy Gallinger said that since moving into her home back in August 2018 she's experienced a series of "scary" supernatural incidents, including objects moving on their own and shadow figures appearing in the darkness.

But the 45-year-old was stunned when a CCTV camera she'd set up in her basement captured a "black mass" emerging from her mother's old doll from the 1950s – which she believes could be a ghost.

Footage captured shows three-year-old cat Salem visibly distressed and staring intently at her dolls before what appears to be "black mist" appears from one of them and drifts in the moggy's direction – sending the fearful feline scarpering.

Although the call center operator has "become used" to the paranormal "scaring the life" out of her in her own home, she's since avoided venturing down to the basement unaccompanied at all costs.

The footage is so freaky that some suggested the family had digitally "edited" the clip but Gallinger says that they work hard to "debunk" anything they capture on camera and is adamant it is real.

Gallinger, from Quinte West, Ontario, Canada, said: "My husband and I were really freaked out.

"I immediately called my psychic medium friend and she made me feel a little better because she said she wasn't getting any vibes where it's something that's out to get us, it's just something that wants its presence known.

"I think my house must be haunted.

"I love this house. The only way we'd consider moving was if it became violent or if anything was to harm any of us, of course.

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