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Does Perth have its own 'Annabelle' style haunted doll?

Though it may come up less in Australian paranormal news, Western Australia has its fair share of haunted sites.

Picture yourself as the young daughter of a happy couple around the turn of the 20th Century. You live in a small town on the western coastline, and have recently moved into a new cottage with your parents. Without explanation, your father disappears to fight a war, leaving you alone with your struggling mother. Daddy never comes back, mummy can't cope with the stress and all you have for comfort is your doll.

Though this is speculation, you can see how the early 1900s might have been hard for someone growing up. If that same someone were to die before their time, could that explain recent events occurring in Perth's suburb of Medina?

Does Perth have its own haunted doll?

A local paranormal research group investigated Smirk's Cottage, a historic workers' home from the early 1900s that has since been converted into a museum. Inside they found a strange, overly colorful doll locked in a perpetual smile, with bright, rosy cheeks. It was an antique as well - a part of the exhibition.

The group, called the Paranormal Activity Researches Australia (PARA), had a frightening encounter with the doll akin to something from the horror movie 'Annabelle'. On a number of occasions this strange haunted toy seemingly moved by itself, mostly when nobody was watching. But there was one instance that will have no doubt stuck out in the minds of investigators.

"We were in the room and looking at it, when we saw its hand move towards us," says member Mel Woods.

It's not currently known where the doll came from, or from whom the museum purchased it, but it would appear that there is a dark history somewhere in Western Australia linked to the doll. Perhaps that's why it was sold?

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