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Ghost On Camera After 15 Years On Air

”UK's Most Haunted” Caught A Ghost On Camera After 15 Years On Air

After a whopping 15 years on air, the makers of the spooky reality show Most Haunted reckon they finally managed to capture a ghost on camera.

The episode was filmed at Wentworth Woodhouse stable block - a site near Rotherham in South Yorkshire that was built in 1630 by Thomas Wentworth, the first Earl of Strafford.

In the episode, we got to see Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell running about in the dark, trying to capture ghostly activity on camera - and the team reckon they nailed it in this episode. At one point during filming, things took an extra creepy turn when what appeared to be the translucent figure of a man was spotted walking down the hallway.

Host Yvette Fielding described the scenes as 'the most ground-breaking footage we have ever recorded'.

She added: "But rather than giving us the answer we were looking for, it just gave us more questions.

"Was it the presence of the spirit of a long dead soul, a doppelganger, Stone Tape Replay or something else we are never supposed to understand?"

Meanwhile Karl Beattie, who filmed the footage, said: "We've never seen anything like this before and we really don't have an explanation for what we saw, but the replay of the filming clearly shows the vision in detail. It's a weird, weird place."

While this still doesn't confirm whether the footage is legit or not, nor does it confirm the existence of ghosts, you can't deny that it makes for some spooky viewing.

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