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Ghost stories from Northern Territory

There are a number of frightening haunted places in Victoria that are frequently investigated each year. That doesn't mean to say Australia's only lingering spirits inhabit these more southern regions, however.

Here are some strange tails from Northern Territory.

Voices in the dark

One frightened woman posted her story online, recounting the event that followed a house renovation.

For whatever reason, the soil this woman's house was built on was damaging the foundations, so it had to be raised. The basement was demolished, and that was then things started happening.

In the middle of the night, the storyteller was lying in her bed in the dark when she heard a man whisper in a strange, haunting voice. She heard him a second time, too, however nobody was around. Over time, both the woman and some of her family members have heard continuing whispers, as well as seen strange shadows move.

Is her house haunted? Maybe.

The lusty ghost

On a creepier note, in 2010 a NT woman was grabbed by the wrist in the middle of the night by an unknown entity.

Ghost stories from Northern Territory
Have you ever been grabbed by a ghost's hand?

She was in bed when she felt the grab, but in her dazed state believed it to be her husband. However, "hubby" wasn't home at the time. The mysterious hand holding on to her felt like it was trying to pull her up and out of the bed. When she opened her eyes, however, there was nobody there and the grip was released.

She yelled at the spirit, named Kevin, to leave her alone, but even that wasn't the end of it. "I told him to f*** off and to close the door behind him. A moment later I saw (...) the bedroom door slowly was closed."

The woman immediately locked the door, but told NT News that both her and her family believe 'Kevin' is still lurking around their home.

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