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Have you ever visited a haunted pub?

Not all spirits dwell in haunted cemeteries or terrorize innocent drivers on the open road. Some are quite happy just popping down to their local pub and mucking about with their descendants.

This could well be the case for a friendly New Zealand pub called the Rangiriri Tavern, or 'Rango' to the locals.

Classic pubs may be charming, but they could also be haunted sites.

The ghost of Rango

The tavern was originally built in the latter half of the 1800s, though was damaged and rebuilt in 1905. It is located around halfway between Auckland and Hamilton, right next to a site where some of the fiercest battles took place between early British forces and the ancient Waikato Maori.

However, despite that, it's not the soldiers who still dwell in the old pub. Rango staff actually believe it is the original owner's wife.

She's not a dangerous spirit, however, just a mischievous one.

"One truckie refused to stay in one of the rooms because his lights kept going on and his alarm kept going off ... but she's okay, she doesn't hurt anyone," duty manager Huia Heke told The New Zealand Herald.

Ms. Heke has seen her herself, too.

"I was just starting for the day and there she was, just walking away, doing her thing."

Pub ghosts in Australia

Pub ghosts aren't restricted to just New Zealand, however.

If you book a trip with Lantern Ghost Tours in Williamstown, you will be taken on an eerie adventure through the original Victorian capital city to see some of its old haunted places. As an optional part of the tour, you can receive a two-course meal at the town's oldest haunted pub, where maybe you'll see a ghostly figure of your own.

Alternatively, the Old Melbourne Ghost Tour also delves into the surreal history of our country, and could lead you to The Young and Jacksons - the modern capital of Victoria's most famous haunted pub.


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