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Movement in children’s room at historic, haunted Texas hotel

Movement in children’s room at historic, haunted Texas hotel

Video at historic, haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin shows lots of activity in children’s room

It appears young spirits are getting a free stay at the historic Magnolia Hotel in Seguin which is rumored to be haunted, KPRC 2′s sister-station KSAT reports.

A new video shared on the hotel’s Facebook page by Erin Ghedi, who co-owns the Magnolia Hotel with her husband Jim, shows what some are calling paranormal activity in the children’s room of the hotel. The video was captured around 10 p.m. Saturday night.

In the video, objects move and shadowy figures can be seen entering the room.

The video also captures the use of two new toys – tiny rem pods that only light up when they’re touched, Ghedi wrote on Facebook.

“That is our children’s room where all of our little spirits enjoy playing because of all the toys,” Ghedi said, according to KSAT. “This was definitely sweet Emma because she is the one who enjoys rolling the ball.”

According to KSAT, Ghedi says Emma is a little girl who was murdered in her own bedroom in 1874 and began showing up when the hotel was being remodeled.

“Emma began showing up right after we started remodeling the hotel,” Ghedi said, according to KSAT. “Each time she would provide us with clues to help solve who the true murderer was. Now she has grown attached to the other children’s spirits, the hotel and our, and many other’s, love for her which is why she comes forward so often.”

According to KSAT, Ghedi says she knows of at least 20 spirits at the hotel.

Click here to watch the video:


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