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Parked bike moves on its own in viral CCTV video

Parked bike moves on its own in viral CCTV video

A video of a parked bike moving all by itself is going viral on Twitter and will send a chill down your spine for sure. Twitter user Amber Zaidi posted the 30-second clip and social media users were left stunned after watching the mysterious clip with several commenting that it could be some sort of paranormal activity.


In her post, Amber Zaidi shared CCTV footage of the incident that occurred on a silent street at night in Gujarat as per media reports. As seen in the clip, two bikes were parked on the street in front of a house. One of the bikes, all of a sudden, began moving all by itself. It turned and proceeded towards a particular point before falling to the ground.

Nobody was spotted in the vicinity of the incident.

"Camera mein qaid ho gaya warna koi yakeen nahi karta (It was captured on camera or else nobody would have believed it)," Amber Zaidi said in the caption of her post in Hindi.


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