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Real estate agent's photo of 'ghost man' in empty house

Real estate agent's photo of 'ghost man' in empty house divides the internet

A Facebook user has confounded the internet after posting a picture of a supposedly empty house in Victoria.

Tyler Thornton took to Facebook to post two pictures of a house in Port Victoria, taken by a Ray White real estate agent after its owner - Tyler’s pop - had passed away.

The first photo, taken at more of a distance, shows the front of the brown brick house with a SOLD sign out the front.

The second photo is taken from closer to the house - and there appears to be a ghostly presence behind the open kitchen window.

“When my pop passed away we had to sell his house in Port Victoria, the real estate agent took these photos and sent them to my mum straight away,” Tyler wrote.

“There was nobody else at the property at the time.”

The pictures alternately confused and creeped out fellow Facebook followers.

There were quite a few people drawing a blank, unsure what they were supposed to be looking at.

“Can’t see anything, sorry”, one person wrote.

“Can someone please circle where?”

“Oh man I can’t see anything, so not fair,” one person complained.

But for others, the shadowy figure at the window was clear as day.

“Yes in second photo and in first window. Very plain to me. An elderly gentleman,” one observed.

Real estate agent's photo of 'ghost man' in empty house

Credit: Facebook/Australian Paranormal

“Definitely can see someone standing at the sink,” one person noted.

“He just vibing, doing the dishes,” another said.

“Oh wow. He’s fully looking out of the window to see that the agent is doing. His arms folded and all! Crazy!!” one person wrote.

“Might be a good idea to contact a credible psychic medium to come to the house and tell the old bloke it’s time to move on.”

Others were a bit more cynical.

“Squatter took over the house?” one person asked.

While some who did see the ghostly presence in the window found it unnerving, others thought it was “awesome.”

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