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Seeing orbs in photos? They’re spirits of loved ones

Seeing orbs in photos? They’re spirits of loved ones

Have you ever taken a picture, and when you go back to look at it, there is a ball of light or a faint image of a person? The light might have been shaped like a ball or another shape or even a different color.

What is an orb? Why are these balls of energy in my photos? So many questions, and where do you turn?

hope this sheds some light on the subject (no pun intended). An orb is a transparent ball of light energy that is connected to spirits. Orbs can be spotted in photos or even videos. People have written to me saying their security cameras are catching these balls of light. It’s intriguing that many people would like an explanation and a confirmation that it is something. Some are even asking if they need to be worried. Lots of times when I am giving a reading, a loved one in spirit will say, “Tell them to look closely at their wedding photo. They will see a ball of light — that is me.” Your loved ones are still attending the ceremonies that mean so much to you. During these trying times that we are having worldwide, the spirit world is so active because they really want you to know that your loved ones in heaven are close by, offering protection and love during these trying times. It is like they are showing up big-time to provide their support. Even though a soul cannot be here in the physical form, it is still very much around you and your loved ones. People want validation that this is their loved one coming through in the picture. I often tell people to look at the picture, close their eyes and try to make a connection on their own. If you get a feeling or sense your father’s presence, for instance, while looking at the picture, or you can hear his voice inside your head, you just need to trust your own instincts. Some mediums can see inside the orb or give you a description of who is around you in these energy balls of light. When I started to receive so many requests, I said out loud to the spirit world, “What is up with all these questions about orbs?” Just like magic, two orbs appeared from the top of my ceiling and started to make their way down to me, and as they did, they burst open one at a time. One was the face of my mother and the next the face of my father. I could tell they were trying to tell me that there is no denying these balls of light. They looked so happy! I know they were still teaching me from the other side, as they did when they were here. Even though I am a medium, it still was magnificent to see. I offered up thanks to Mom and Dad. So you see, I can say with certainty that we are all energy, and energy can never be taken away; it only transcends. These balls of lights can be different shapes and colors, and maybe that is because we are all not alike here in the physical as well. If you have a picture or a video with flashes or balls of light, and you feel like you need a professional opinion, please make an appointment with a medium. Just like we sometimes need doctors or the dentist, a medium is a profession as well, and it might take a little time to tune in to the spirit world and get the answers you are looking for. ARTICLE FROM:

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