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Spooky figure caught on camera at 'haunted jail'

'Clearest ever' spooky figure caught on camera by ghost hunters at 'haunted jail'

Ghosts hunters say they have caught their clearest-ever evidence of spooky activity on camera during a recent trip to a haunted site.

Linzi and Lee Steer, who run Project reveal - Ghosts of Britain say their latest capture is the clearest image they have taken in their decades of ghost hunting experience.

The couple from Rotherham, who have over 20 years of paranormal research experience between them, have snapped what many of their fans believe is an apparition in the form of a ghostly face.

The experienced investigators live stream all their hunts and they were alerted to the spooky visage when fans spotted it on a Facebook clip, Yorkshire Live reports.

Linzi and Lee said they didn't see anything at the time, it was only when the clip was viewed back that the spook emerged(Image: Project reveal - Ghosts of Britain)

"I just can't get over it. It is so clear and distinctive," said Linzi.

The pair spotted the photo after a visit to Inveraray Jail.

The couple, who go on daily ghost hunts, live-stream all of their investigations on Facebook and ask viewers to screenshot any unusual sightings.

But when they looked back at the photos from their trip to the Scottish jail and courtroom, they were left shocked.

A figure can be seen behind a waxwork model in multiple screenshots, according to Linzi.

While she said she could not see the figure while she was filming, she has been left unable to explain what her viewers saw.

Linzi said: "We try to debunk everything, but there's no dummy there in that particular area."

She added: "It is definitely not human. If it was one of us you could tell with the colouring, but it looked very transparent."

The apparent figure wasn't the only spooky part of their trip either.

Husband Lee revealed he had an unnerving experience when looking around the site's jail blocks.

"I walked into one of them and I felt a tickling sensation on my throat, and it started to get more intense to the point where I had to run outside," he said.

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