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The Ghostly Tales of Lilly at the Married Quarters

The Ghostly Tales of Lilly at the Married Quarters

Welcome to the Married Quarters at Jward Lunatic Asylum, where ghostly tales linger within its historic walls.

Originally housing married officers and their families during the asylum's gaol days, the Married Quarters tell stories of cramped quarters and long-past lives. But one story stands out among the rest—the haunting presence of young Lilly.

Lilly, a mere five years old, met an untimely end within these walls in the late 1800s. Her spirit, bound to this place, refuses to fade away.

Visitors have reported hearing a baby's cries and feeling Lilly's playful touch. Mediums describe her as a friendly spirit, often wrapping her hand around visitors' fingers and sitting on their laps.

But there's a cautionary tale, too. Beware the hairbrushes. According to local legend, Lilly dislikes having her hair brushed, a painful memory of her mother's attempts to untangle her long tresses. Visitors recount feeling a chill when attempting to brush her hair, a reminder of Lilly's lingering presence.

Another spine-tingling encounter involves a paranormal investigation team leaving a ball out for Lilly to play with. To their astonishment, the ball began to move on its own, slowly rolling across the room, seemingly guided by unseen hands.

Despite the eerie atmosphere, the Married Quarters serve as a reminder of the asylum's rich history and the enduring mysteries that lie within its walls.

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