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The haunted McDonald’s receipt

An anonymous account of a never-ending creepy encounter appeared online. The chilling tale begins with the man recounting how he accidentally disturbed a ritual involving “a circle of candles with rice scattered around.”

He claimed he felt “nails digging” into his skin and saw a pale woman in white with long locks cycling past him while humming. Bells were heard and a black figure shot out of nowhere. The story digs even deeper when fingerprints (not his) appeared on his McDonald’s receipt before the pallid woman reappeared again later.


Sender's account:

“This is from my friend pov the one I go out wif tgt started when I was walking below my block and I sudd walked into a circle of candles with rice scattered around the candles .There was red powder inside of the circle and I started to feel something perched on top of me , and nails digging into my skin. I ignored it and just went to meet my friend , and while we were walking , a woman clad in white with long hair rode past us humming a strange song. She suddenly turned back and smiled at us. Her eyes were black and her complexion pale. A while after we heard the sounds of bells and suddenly we heard something behind us and we saw a black figure .Fast forward a bit and we were at McDonald’s. When we ordered our food and got the receipt from the machine , there was nothing on it . My friend placed his phone and wallet on top of it so no one could have touched it. But some fingerprints appeared on the paper which did not match any of ours . We tried to see if we could have put our finger prints on accident but it was not possible to do it .Finally when we were walking home I decided to use my iPhones night vision to look up the dark hill and we saw a white figure walking around . I think it’s the same lady who cycled past us.” Thoughts? ARTICLE FROM:

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