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The Louis Joel Centre: History and Hauntings in Altona

The Louis Joel Centre: History and Hauntings in Altona

Nestled in the heart of Altona, The Louis Joel Centre holds a history filled with medical pioneers, entrepreneurial ventures, and ghostly tales. Let's explore the intriguing story of Dr. Louis Joel, Queenie's Waverly Private Hospital, and the ghostly presence said to still roam the halls.

Dr. Louis Joel and Altona's First Hospital:

In 1932, Dr. Louis Joel, Altona's local medical officer, established the first community hospital on Queen Street. Committed to accessible healthcare, Dr. Joel took personal loans to create hospitals in Altona and Williamstown, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

Queenie and The Waverly Private Hospital:

Facing the challenges of expensive healthcare, Queenie, an entrepreneurial woman in Altona, opened The Waverly Private Hospital in her home. Despite lacking medical qualifications, she performed procedures at lower costs, especially catering to women in the community. Her charismatic defense in a trial for an alleged illegal operation allowed her to continue her services.

The Ghost of Dr. Joel:

With the closure of Altona Hospital in 1996, The Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre emerged. Named in honor of Dr. Joel, respected for his commitment to accessible healthcare, the center holds more than just memories. Witnesses have reported sightings of a well-dressed man believed to be Dr. Joel, appearing near the Arts Centre and the Altona Homestead, continuing his rounds long after his passing.

As The Louis Joel Centre stands as a symbol of Altona's medical history and community spirit, the tales of Dr. Joel and Queenie's Waverly Private Hospital add layers of intrigue. The ghostly sightings serve as a reminder that, perhaps, the echoes of the past still linger within its walls, connecting the present to a time when healthcare and community were at the forefront of Altona's story.

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