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The real reason why Queen Victoria so adored John Brown

Queen Victoria's relationship with her devoted ghillie John Brown 150 years ago set tongues wagging from the grand hallways of Buckingham Palace to the servants’ quarters at Balmoral.

But while rumors that the pair were lovers endure to this day, a new book claims there was another reason why the pair were so close.

According to author J. H. Brennan, Brown was a medium channeling the spirit of the Queen’s beloved late husband, Prince Albert.

Brennan, whose book Whisperers examines the impact of spirit contact on the rich and powerful, said: ‘Queen Victoria was fascinated by spiritualism long before

Albert’s early death at the age of 42 in 1861. Mediums would visit Buckingham Palace and hold seances.’

As Brown passed messages to and from the deceased Prince Consort, he grew increasingly close to the bereaved Queen.

‘I don’t believe they were lovers, but Victoria had a great affection for Brown,’ said Brennan.

‘People gossiped at the inappropriate intimacy, but it wasn’t a sexual relationship. When Brown died in 1883, almost two decades before Victoria, she described him as her only true friend.’

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