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TikTok Star Talks Living With Ghosts in Marilyn Monroe's House

TikTok Star Jasmine Chiswell Talks Living With Ghosts in Marilyn Monroe's Former House

Don't let the platinum blonde hair, cherry red lipstick and vintage wardrobe fool you: Jasmine Chiswell is a modern woman. Sure, she and her husband live in the house once occupied by Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio during their brief marriage, but whereas Monroe was a press fixture adored by millions of movie fans, Chiswell is a huge social media star with more than 9.7 followers on TikTok alone.

Here’s an interview where she talked about the house that’s said to be haunted by Ms. Monroe:

Your look is obviously very inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Is that because there are similarities in your appearances, or does she hold a particular fascination for you more than other actresses?

It started because when I first began dressing in vintage, I had done my hair blonde, and people remarked I looked like Marilyn. I had no idea; it was like not even intentional, but just kind of happened. I love her fashion, of course, but I also love so many other celebrities' fashions from back then.

The "Marilyn Monroe of Social Media," Jasmine Chiswell.

I've heard you speak on social media that the house may have a friendly ghost. Could you talk a little about that?

Sure. When we first moved in, no one said anything about it being haunted or anything like that. I would say within the first week we didn't really hear anything. Then once we started getting settled in—I would say within the first week and a half—we started hearing footsteps. My husband then actually saw a kind of like woman in a green top and white Capris with blonde hair out of the side of his eye. And so many people have come over for meetings, and they feel as if people are hugging them. We've heard voices around the house which we thought it sounded like a walkie-talkie. And I'm like, "Who has walkie-talkies anymore?" We've heard so many different things, and many weird things have happened. Would you ever like consider having a ghost medium come into your house? A lot of people, especially on my TikTok keep telling me I need to have someone come over. I'm definitely for it. I think that'd be kind of a cool video to do. One woman did come over who knows about those things. She said she felt three spirits here. She said it feels like a couple—a woman and a man—and she believed that it was Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. She said that there's another man here too, who was involved in building the house. So, I have no idea, but apparently that ghost like to play pranks on us. A lot of different people have come over and stayed, and they believe there's definitely a warm female energy. ARTICLE FROM:

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