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Was there a ghost in one of America's most famous landfill sites?

You might not often consider that certain landfills around the world could be famous, or in this case, infamous. In addition, perhaps rarer still are stories that some of these may be haunted sites.

However, for an ex-New York City landfill, it is both famous and the possible home to a ghost.

Freshkills Park, NYC

The somewhat morbidly named Freshkills Park in New York City is a colossal 2,200 acre park situated in the city's Staten Island borough. It was opened in 1948 as a refuse site, and over the years became a notorious, rotting wasteland where bulldozers pushed mountains of degrading rubbish around only to make room for more degrading rubbish.

Though it was originally started as temporary landfill, by the 1980s it was the city's only landfill, and saw thousands of tonnes of rubbish from millions of people enter its boundaries each and every day.

The ghost of Freshkills

How is this related to a ghost?

After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, Freshkills was used to store the immense piles of rubble cleared from the city streets. Though according to a new book, it may also be home to something else.

"I thought she was trying to help us, being first responders," said retired police lieutenant Frank Marra.

Who is 'she'?

Does a ghost wander alone in Freshkills?

The ghost of an African-American woman wearing a white nurse's uniform from World War II.

Marra recently wrote a book on the subject, as he was one of the workers at the Freshkills site when the Twin Towers rubble was moved there. He, and many others, claim to have seen the woman on more than one occasion, often holding a tray of sandwiches.

One spirit medium told him that it could have been a 'soul collector' - someone whose purpose it is to ferry spirits to the other side.

Needless to say, with thousands of bodies still unaccounted for to this day somewhere in Freshkills, it's highly believable that some of them may still linger.

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