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What's going on in the Czech Republic?

Strange things are happening in the Czech Republic. Demonic things.

A video was recently uploaded to YouTube containing footage of what appears to be a large church where a priest and some other onlookers are huddled around someone. That someone is a woman who is screaming with terrifying anguish.

The video claims that it is the filming of an exorcism in the Czech city of Vranov nad Dyji, near the border of Austria. So what was going on?

Daniel Trochta, 26, heard blood-curdling screams coming from inside The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church and so decided to see what all the commotion was about. Upon peering through the keyhole, he discovered the group huddled at the other end of the church hall.

Of course, he pulled out his camera.

The video is shot through the same keyhole and not much is visible. The screams, however, are quite haunting. Latin prayers can be heard uttered towards the woman, and at some points she appears to struggle against the group holding her down, too.

Is a city in the Czech Republic haunted by demons?

Since surfacing, reporters have questioned the Roman Catholic church as to whether or not the exorcism was real. The priest himself, Marek Dunda, confirmed the video as being true. In fact, he holds an official mandate from his bishop that allows him to practice exorcisms, though he would give no details about the event itself and the condition of the woman.

This is no isolated incident, either. The International Catholic Association of Exorcists have over 200 members around the world, granted powers to perform the practice from the Pope himself. Vranov nad Dyji has seen its fair share, enough for a local woman to say, "It has happened more than once and the noise has been heard very far from the church," to the UK's Express.

So is the entire city of Vranov nad Dyji a haunted site filled with demons? Or are there unseen things happening everywhere and simply not getting caught?

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