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2 of the most haunted paintings in the world

For some, art is simply something you walk past in a reception area, admire for a moment, and then move on from. You may never stop to consider that these simple works may actually warrant a paranormal investigation.

Are art subjects leaving their frames at night in your home?

Here is a quick list of two of the world's most haunted paintings.

The Crying Boy

The Crying Boy was painted by Bruno Amadio and subsequently mass-produced. It depicts a young schoolboy staring at the viewer with large tears rolling down his solemn face.

Though it was originally painted in the 50s, it didn't begin causing a stir until 30 years later. For some unknown reason, The Crying Boy was involved with numerous house fires during the 80s, and each time it was one of the few surviving objects. It got to the point where firefighters in England were claiming they would never have the painting in their own homes for fear of what it might do.

Out of panic following a Sun newspaper report on the subject, numerous owners destroyed their particular paintings in a Halloween bonfire.

Hands Resist Him

Hands Resist Him, a painting of a young boy standing next to a creepy girl, with shadowy disembodied hands behind them, is perhaps the most famous haunted painting of our time.

It rose to public fame when it was put on eBay, as the owners had become frightened of it and wanted rid of it.

"One morning our four-and-a-half year old daughter claimed that the children in the picture were fighting and coming into the room during the night," the original auction stated.

Also, people who viewed it claimed they felt sick and weak, and it was powerful enough to send children screaming from the room in terror.

Prior to this occasion, after it was painted by Bill Stoneham in 1972, the work was hung at an art gallery, reviewed by a newspaper critic and sold. Within a year both the gallery owner and critic were dead.

As you can see, it may pay to know the history of what art you purchase before bringing it into your home.

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