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What is the Blackburn ghost?

If you've been paying any attention to paranormal news lately, you may have seen reference to a strange and horrific ghost sighting near Blackburn, Lancashire (UK).

For those who don't know, Lancashire is a county of England located on the west coast, towards the Scottish border. It's a peaceful sort of place, but not without its ghost stories.

Lancashire ghost stories

One example of strange happenings in Lancashire revolves around the Winter Gardens in Morecambe. The auditorium stage of this area is a focal point of paranormal activity, and there are reports of people being pushed, slapped and and otherwise harassed by unexplainable forces there.

Eerie paranormal investigations have been conducted on numerous occasions as well, with groups such as Clitheroe Paranormal Investigators researching locations such as schools, private homes and the Nelson Palace Theatre.

Blackburn ghost

So what is this new development, and should we believe it to be real?

Recently a video appeared on YouTube of a group of men in a vehicle out in the middle of the Blackburn countryside. It's pitch black and on a dirt road, and the car seems to be reversing towards something. The men, speaking in what is reported to be Arabic, talk amongst themselves, sounding uncertain and anxious.

Soon they see it: A shambling horror moving about in the distance, with long black hair covering its face.

Immediately the car begins to drive the other way, stopping regularly to maintain distance, but without leaving the ghost alone. The figure appears to shuffle with a walking stick, and is hunched almost unnaturally far over.

A voice from the car seems frightened, screaming at the driver to driver away 'faster!', according to The Mirror.

However, the men still don't drive away from the figure, but instead watch and scream in panic as the thing suddenly picks up speed, lurching forwards towards them.

In an internet crowded with both genuinely unexplainable videos of the paranormal and completely fabricated hoaxes, it's hard to tell which this may be. Is there a grotesque white horror in the Blackburn countryside?

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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