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Did an actress in Malaysia imagine things ... or witness ghosts?

Whilst shooting an upcoming Tollywood (another subsection of the Indian film industry) film, did an actress see ghosts?

Shraddha Das, an actress working on the upcoming film Ouija, was in the Malaysian island of Langkawi when she encountered the strange, unexplainable events.

First, a history lesson

The year is 2004.

December starts just like any other, however a horrifyingly powerful 9.0 earthquake strikes the Indian Ocean on Dec 26, resulting in the onslaught of a tsunami disaster. Multiple

destructive waves lash the coasts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other Indian Ocean communities, the tallest of which reaches a staggering 30 metres.

Across all of the countries affected, over 200,000 people are killed and millions more displaced.

Ghosts in Langkawi

What does this have to do with Shraddha Das and her ghosts? Many people believe that the spirits of those deceased have turned many communities on the western shores of Malaysia into dismaying haunted sites.

Could a horrifying tsunami have led to Langkawi becoming a haunted site?

The island of Langkawi itself sits near the Thailand/Malaysia border and was right in the firing line of the Boxing Day tsunami.

"I had no idea that the entire island was haunted," said Das. "There are hundreds of cats, which is considered to be an indication of presence of spirits.'

Not too long before her part on the Ouija shoot was due to finish, Das began hearing strange noises in her hotel room at night. These included children giggling at 5 a.m. and an unexplainable banging on her door.

"Initially I thought I was hallucinating. But other members in the team also had similar experiences," she said.

In fact, locals claim that there is a particular place nearby called Datai that distorts photographs. Das claims she saw a photo of a fellow actor and some crew members, though the image was indeed distorted.

"This is the closest I have come to seeing a ghost," she concluded.

With so much destruction caused in 2004, it wouldn't be surprising if more was left behind than just ruins and bodies.

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