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Real life ghost stories from Darwin

Anyone can tell you a ghost story while sitting around a campfire at night, but when you look into the storyteller's eyes and see them glaze over - see the fear - that's when you know it actually happened.

Though many of our country's most frightening tales come from the like of Queensland paranormal investigators or haunted sightings in Victoria, Darwin has not escaped.

Here are two more eerie stories from the Top End.

Kevin still lingers

You may remember in our last NT article we spoke about a "horny" ghost called Kevin. Well, as it turns out, Kevin still haunted the woman from the story and her family after that event.

The woman's son, sitting at the dining room computer, noticed a strange sight in a nearby doorway late at night. He sketched what he saw, though continued about his business. When the mother awoke the next morning, she saw the sketch and realized she had seen the exact same paranormal being standing in the exact same doorway a few months prior.

Mere days later, her son woke her up in the middle of the night looking "rather nervous". The reason? There was a white face with eyes and a mouth staring through a window in that same dining room, though the window was barely 30 centimeters off the ground.

Paranormal Poinciana

Many years ago in Darwin, a beautiful Asian woman was raped by a fisherman in East Point. The attack left her distraught, and when she discovered that it had left her pregnant, she hung herself from a Poinciana tree in the area.

It is said that she will appear to young men as a beautiful, long-haired, robed woman. As she entices them, she suddenly becomes a vicious, frightening monster with claws, who lets loose a shrill scream and tears the men apart, feeding on their insides.

This horrific ghost story has been a right of passage for many Darwin children, who are dared to go to East Point in the dead of night to face her wrath.

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