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Disembodied voices and mysterious figures haunt Athens' Morton Theatre

The Morton Theatre in Athens, Georgia, has long been an important historic building in the city, and has stood for over 100 years. In fact, the local newspaper of the time described it in 1914 as the, "Largest building of its kind to be owned exclusively by a colored man in the world."

Why is this relevant to the paranormal? Because a recent report suggests it may be a haunted site.

The report, released by the Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations group (GOGPI), suggests that they believe there is definitely paranormal activity happening within the ageing walls of the building, though to call it haunted would require further investigation.

Each investigator had numerous personal experiences whilst exploring the building on the evening of October 11 and the morning of October 12.

What was found?

There were a number of chilling instances of ghost activity within the Morton Theatre, recounted by each individual who took part in the overnight investigation.

For example, member Beth had a number of incidents regarding disembodied voices. A whisper uttered, "Hey hey hey," right next to her ear, which a colleague heard part of as well. She also claims to have heard chatter whilst investigating the stage, which was so loud she couldn't even focus. Nobody else at the time was talking.

Team members Larry and Chris both witnessed a filing cabinet drawer open by itself.

Throughout the night there were sightings of strange, shadow figures, and unexplainable orbs of light kept popping up - both in person and in the photographic evidence.

Despite all of this, however, the report concludes that there were no 'bad vibes' in the building, and that it didn't feel like the spirits were villainous. Could they be the one-time owner, deceased performers or something else entirely?

A follow-up investigation is definitely required.

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