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3 real-life cases of possession

Possessed individuals are said to be demons that are using human bodies as hosts to perform wicked work. While a trope of horror films feature this ghoulish goings-on, possession is believed to have been experienced in the real world as well as on the silver screen too.

The Ammon family

At the start of 2014 in the US state of Indiana, Latoya Ammon and her children may have welcomed more than just festive cheer into their house during the holiday celebrations. In a truly terrifying case, her three children are believed to have levitated, walked up walls and spoke in tongues all while under the possession of demonic spirits. What makes this story so unique is the number of credible witnesses including the local police and hospital staff who support the claims. Photos showing a shadowy figure in the doorway of the family home has even been allegedly captured by the local cops, suggesting that haunted sites are more common than typically thought.

Roland Doe

Also known as Robbie Manheim, this false name was given to the boy who Catholic priests performed an exorcism on in the 1940s in Maryland, America. Apparently the basis for the infamous film The Exorcist, the boy supposedly underwent as many as 30 exorcisms and was deemed to be a success, living without demonic interference for the rest of his life. The teenager was apparently marked with animal claw-like legions on his body and unexplainable, disturbing behavior surrounded him before the possession was gone.


Another recent case, Julia was the pseudonym given to a mental health patient in New York, who medical professionals and scientists uniquely seem to agree was possessed by demonic spirits. It's rare for professionals such as these to suggest possession and exorcism as a diagnosis and treatment, but apparently this seemed the only option after her inexplicable knowledge, ability to speak multiple languages and power to levitate left the psychiatric staff stumped.

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