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Eerie footage captured inside family’s Sydney home

Eerie footage captured inside family’s Sydney home sparks ghost speculation

Footage shared to a popular Facebook group shows the stationary rocker suddenly switching on in the middle of the night and begin moving back and forward.

“The last two nights our sons baby swing has been turning itself on and off numerous times, my partner just caught it on video,” she wrote.

“We’ve watched things just fall off our dining table, I’ve woken up to a man standing over my side of the bed when I was pregnant.

Credit: Facebook

“I’ve had clothes fall off the clothes horse Infront of our dining table where the activity always is.”

The mum says she doesn’t feel unsafe but is curious to know what is behind the strange behavior in her house.

She also reiterated that there is no remote control or batteries for the swing, which is second hand and more than ten years old.

Social media users were baffled by the vision with multiple suggesting this was a ghost attempting to make contact with the family.

“They clearly want to communicate with you. I’d take up the offer and have an investigator. I don’t think this is a negative spirit - just a lost one,” one person wrote.

“Now that is genuinely creepy,” wrote another.

“I really feel it’s some one that has passed who has a closeness to you and the baby,” another added.

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