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Celebrities who have come back as ghosts

It's no secret that there's plenty of paranormal activity plaguing planet Earth, but you may not know that it's not just random spirits that roam freely in haunted sites - celebrities can be ghosts too.

At least, that's what some people believe, and it makes sense for famous people to roam their favorite spots long after they've departed. Many celebrities spend their whole lives being followed by others, so the spirit world gives them the opportunity to get some much-needed respite and perhaps get their own back on some unsuspecting victims. Here are some celebrity ghosts who have been spotted over the years.

Elvis Presley

The king is dead - or is he? His spirit has been spotted not only in his beloved Graceland, but also at the Vegas Hilton, where he used to perform in the 70s. He's one busy spirit, as he's also been spotted at the old RCA recording studios, which is now used as a TV studio. Workers there have reported strange things happening anytime someone mentions Elvis, with lights going out and unexplained noises on the sound system.

Marilyn Monroe

The great beauty is known to visit Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, as her big break occurred after posing by the pool diving board for a suntan commercial. Ms. Monroe was also a frequent guest in a room that her ghost now haunts. Former guests and staff members claim to have seen her image in a full-length mirror in the room.

Marilyn has also been seen near her tomb in the Los Angeles Westside Memorial Cemetery, along with in the house in which she fatally overdosed on sleeping pills.

John Lennon

Free spirit John Lennon has been seen wandering all over the world, with Liam Gallagher and Paul McCartney reporting seeing him while they were recording one of the musician's unfinished songs. His spirit is said to haunt the Dakota building, where he was gunned down by Mark David Chapman.

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