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Ghost Activity Caught on Camera at UK Pub

A horrific video that captured paranormal activity at a haunted pub in the UK is going viral on social media. Strange things have been happening at Black and Grey Pub in Morpeth, Darlington ever since sisters Richelle Stocks and Ashleigh Naisbitt took over the place. Staff members of the pub are afraid to come to work or go down the cellar after a series of spooky incidents.

The pub owners say they heard loud banging downstairs and were frightened the boozer was being raided. They even called the police, however, when official arrived the building completely empty.

After looking at the CCTV footage from the day, they spotted “human-looking” shadows walking past the bar area.

Two days after the incident, Ashleigh invited a paranormal investigator. She asked the ghosts to prove their presence by moving the pen she kept on her palm. A few seconds later, the pen could be seen moving on its own which terrified Ashleigh and she dropped the pen on the floor.

“We were in the bar having a few drinks and Richelle randomly put this pen on her hand and said ‘if there’s anybody there, move this pen’ and literally two seconds later the pen started spinning,” Ashleigh said.

“I flung the pen and looked at Ashleigh with my eyes wide like ‘what has just happened?’ You know when you don’t even believe yourself that something has just happened,” Richelle told Mirror.

The sisters say that the property is a hive for paranormal activity.

“We had incidents afterwards with iPads flying off the shelves, fridge doors opening themselves behind the bar and lots of footsteps. So there’s a lot of activity going on,” Ashleigh added.

The video uploaded on YouTube has received 60,000 views so far.

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