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Scratch marks, mysterious lights and a ghostly figure in haunted London

Unfortunately, though many ghost stories would have you believe, victims are not the only spirits who linger after death. In fact, more often than not, killers, murderers and other tyrants remain behind as well, continuing to terrorize to this very day.

Ilchester Arms, London

Researchers from the paranormal investigation group No Fear Paranormal have discovered what they believe may be the lingering ghost of George Jeffreys - one of Wales' most notorious and violent judges in the 1600s.

The man, nicknamed 'The Hanging Judge', was in charge of thousands of trials after a failed rebellion against King James II in 1685. More than 320 people were hanged during his reign of terror and hundreds more were either flogged, imprisoned or sent to Barbados. The event has become known in history text books as 'The Bloody Assizes.'

The investigation

During its paranormal investigation of the haunted site, Ilchester Arms, No Fear Paranormal took a photograph that they believe contains an image of Jeffrey's ghost.

"You can make out in the picture a powdered wig, like the sort of things they would wear during his era while he was a judge," member Iain Alderton told Wales Online.

The group was tasked with investigating the pub because the owner had become distressed by eerie noises occurring at night time, including disembodied voices. However, a single photograph was not the only time the group encountered the ghost of Judge Jeffreys.

As they drove to another pub they were met with lights so bright that Alderton - the driver - had to pull over and stop. When the light dissipated, a ghostly figure was standing in the field nearby, which then sprinted away and vanished out of sight.

By chance, this encounter also led them to the famous 'Hanging Tree', which they promptly took photos of. However, Alderton said, "Those pictures came out covered in scratch marks and have weird white patches on them, as if smoke was coming out of the tree."

So is the ghost of The Hanging Judge still haunting London? If so, be warned anyone who openly dislikes the Monarchy.

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