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'Ghost of old butcher' caught on camera

'Ghost of old butcher' caught on camera 'walking' in room as orbs seen flashing in CCTV

Charlie Eggenton was told there was a butcher shop in the building a long time ago – and she is convinced that an eerie shadow she saw was a ghost "in Victorian clothing"

A woman was spooked after receiving alerts from her home security system to find an eerie "ghost of an old butcher" appeared in her flat.

Charlie Eggenton, who runs the C B Beautiful Group clinic in Rushall, West Midlands, said she had an intuition of something supernatural happening around her flat.

Her first "paranormal" encounter happened a few weeks ago when she was in the kitchen and claimed to see a ghost standing by a frying pan.

Since then she installed a motion sensor security camera to pick up any movement whenever she's not at home.

Last week Charlie was out on a boat trip and she received an alert from the app.

(Image: Facebook/CharlieEggenton)

Footage shared on her Facebook shows some tiny "orbs" moving around the room and floating towards the TV stand.

The mysterious fluff-like objects appear from near the wall and start descending down across the room.

Charlie later captured a screenshot of a shadow that she described as a "boy in Victorian clothing".

She told Birmingham Live: "All of a sudden it started coming on. At first I thought it was the house sitter as I was paying a girl to feed the cat but I checked and she had already been.

(Image: Facebook/CharlieEggenton)

"I could just see these orbs. I put it on Facebook as a joke and then people started zooming in and saying 'there's a face'.

"I've been told it's a butcher, half of the building used to be a butchers and slaughterhouse while the other half was a greengrocers.

"I said to my husband that it'd just be a fly or something as nothing had happened in the bedroom – I'd shut the door as I've got my case packed for my cruise and didn't want the cat to sit on my clothes.

"As I said it, the camera was set off in the bedroom, there's no way anything at all could have got in there."

Her friends were also convinced that they saw a ghost in the CCTV.

One commented: "Looks like a person about to bend down and take a seat. Spooky."

Another wrote: "He looks like a butcher with his arms behind his back, head turned looking."

Some struggled to spot any movement on camera, a viewer said: "I looked so many times since you posted it. Just looks like a shadow."

"I can't see anything!" a second agreed.

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