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Ghost on camera in former WW2 gun site

Paranormal investigators catch ghost on camera in former WW2 gun site on the outskirts of Grimsby

Paranormal investigators claim to have caught a ‘ghost’ on camera at a former Second World War site.

The Matrix Paranormal UK, from South Yorkshire, carried out an investigation at the old heavy anti-aircraft gun site near Stallingborough.

They claim to have caught “images of soldiers” at the entrance into the battery after hearing footsteps in the area.

Group founder Yvonne Hunter said: “These images coincided with ourselves hearing footsteps, activity with trigger objects, which shows one of the investigators checking out the area for anyone else in the location.” The Grade II-listed structure was built in 1944 to counter Luftwaffe bombing raids - and only a few people still living can remember its top-secret construction.

Ghost on camera in former WW2 gun site

Unsurprisingly, it has been reclaimed by nature more than 75 years on and is usually only visited by urban explorers or paranormal investigators. Yvonne added: “The investigation lasted approximately two-and-a-half hours and was quite active with apps, ITC equipment and trigger objects. “The only sounds we heard clearly were footsteps, the rest of the noises were natural for the environment and weather, which was cold and calm. “By the end of the investigation, we considered the area to be active and interesting and we would return for a future investigation at some time in the near future.” Article from:

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