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Ghosts of boy and man in hat 'caught on camera' at haunted Cornwall graveyard

(Image: Candice Collins)

There's something about graveyards that is a bit creepy and hair-raising, especially after dark. And there is one in Cornwall where you probably want to avoid wandering alone - Mylor cemetery.

Located a couple of miles from Flushing, the cemetery is said to have its own resident ghosts.

Paranormal team Whispers decided to investigate after hearing about "a red-eyed beast" in the area and ended up catching on camera the spirits of a little boy and a man wearing a hat.

Candice Collins, who leads the team, said the photo of the man in a hat was taken on March 16. "We heard the village was haunted by a red-eyed beast," she said.

A couple of months later, on May 7, the team went back to Mylor cemetery for a second investigation. There they felt paranormal phenomena and captured on camera the spirit of a little boy.

(Image: Cornwall Live

She said it was about 10pm when the team heard whispering and footsteps. "We were doing a paranormal investigation there, doing some filming and taking pictures and went over the evidence and saw this face," she said. "From the start we heard whispering of what sounded like a child. My mum felt a tap on her leg and she felt someone was behind her. "It made her feel very dizzy so I started snapping pictures all around the cemetery while having a very intense feeling of something following me.

(Image: Cornwall Live)

"I heard some footsteps as well. All in all, I feel it was a very active and interesting place."

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