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Ghost Whispered Inside An Abandoned 13th-Century Castle

Ghost Hunters Hear 'Woman Saying Goodbye' Inside An Abandoned 13th-Century Castle

Ghost hunters have claimed that they experienced paranormal activity as they heard a 'woman' saying goodbye to them while they were exploring a castle in UK.

WAH Paranormal, a group of three people who share an affinity for exploring abandoned places, recently visited Spofforth Castle in Harrogate, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman.

The team along with other paranormal explorer groups have been to the castle previously, and have been left unnerved at what they claimed to have caught there.

WAH Paranormal, the group started by by Andy Pollard, Wendy Whitehouse and Hayley Whitehouse, “picked up really good results” upon their visit, according to Yorkshire Live.

“We got bits of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and think it's French but we can't figure out what the voice in the recording is saying," Andy told the outlet.

"We went back about a month ago and towards the end of the video a woman says goodbye and it's really clear. A lot of visual stuff I don't believe and think it’s a shadow, I have never seen a photo that has convinced me but a lot of this audio is quite strange. I found it weird that other people have found stuff from the castle as well,” he added.

In the video, at 29:22, one can hear the 'woman' saying goodbye. It sure is spooky!

Andy also said that the castle has links to France, which would explain the French voice they heard.

WAH Paranormal also claimed they heard someone saying ‘turret’ when one of them asked 'what part of the castle we are in?'

Other visitors to the castle have claimed they have seen a ghostly woman jumping from the ramparts and disappearing as she reaches the ground.

Last year, Project Reveal - Ghosts of Britain, a paranormal team, explored abandoned Spofforth castle and claimed to have spotted a spooky shadow of 7ft figure.

The group also did some EVP recording's where they asked some questions, kept completely quiet and waited for a response. They later claimed to have heard a 'growl'.

While the Spofforth Castle dates back to 13th century, but the foundations most of what structurally remains today is from the 15th century. The castle, which was dismantled in the 17th century, currently remains virtually unnoticed and unvisited with the possible exception of a 'resident ghost'.

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