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Haunted MacBook or ridiculous hoax?

There are times when you read a story and feel almost frightened by the strange tales of haunted objects, and then there are times when you just aren't sure. Though evidence of ghosts and paranormal activity has been presented numerous times throughout history, there are still times where we hear something and just don't know what to think.

Did someone try to sell a haunted MacBook on Ebay?

Recently a listing was posted on popular auction website Ebay of a reportedly haunted 2007 Apple MacBook Computer.

The computer, posted by Austin, Texas user 'wfatzinger', was that of laptop that he claimed was haunted by a spirit. The man, a self-proclaimed amateur sketch artist, accidentally left the laptop in a graveyard next to an insane asylum beneath a full moon.

When he went to retrieve it the next morning, he claimed it was still open, still on and still playing a song.

Supposed hauntings

Again, it is undeniable that there are spirits still lingering in many haunted sites across both Australia and the world, but there are also plenty of hoax stories designed to ridicule paranormal enthusiasts. This particular story is definitely one to take with a grain of salt, and to decide on its legitimacy for yourself.

Wfatzinger claims that when he brought the computer home its desktop wallpaper had changed to a 'scary photo', and that all of his iTunes songs had become 'scary or haunted'. After a night with his wife's parents and friends, he says he came home to find his baseball cards in a mess, alongside his wife's rare American coins.

Then it gets truly surreal.

"The way he [the spirit] communicates with us is by grasping a pen between the keyboard and monitor and writing on pieces of printer paper from our home office," claims the seller.

Also, it supposedly helped him clean his garage, accompanied his son performing a rap song at school, and helped his marriage through a 'rough patch'.

So is it a legitimate haunting or a false story sensationalized to sell a laptop?

You decide.

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