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Introducing 2 of Australia's paranormal investigation groups

Where there are reportings of the strange and the unexplainable, you can be sure that a group will be there to conduct an in-depth paranormal investigation. All around Australia these brave few souls can be found scouring the very pits of our darkest history, hoping to uncover the mysteries of those who are left behind.

Here is a short list of two of Australia's groups.

S.I.N. Australia

S.I.N. Australia is a group based out of Sydney which focuses on helping people under pressure by ghosts. It specialises in getting involved with extreme hauntings and has been doing so for the past 15 years under the guidance of a man named Brett Watson, though he has since died.

It also founded another organisation titled The Order of Non Catholic Exorcists, which has been assisting those who are possessed for over 10 years.

S.I.N. Australia's website has numerous instances of ghost evidence on it. For example, it has a page dedicated to the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) that has been collected, including people screaming, cursing, and speaking in what sounds like Latin.

Lantern Ghost Tours

Lantern Ghost Tours isn't just an award-winning tour company, it is a group of passionate investigators as well. Lantern co-founder, Jacqueline Travaglia, is a certified paranormal investigator and, before she moved to London to start Lantern there as well, frequently volunteered at the Williamstown Historical Society.

Lantern have been involved with more ghost sightings and unexplainable happenings than probably any other group in Australia, thanks to the hundreds of tours run by the company.

For example, on the Point Cook Homestead tour, investigators and guests have witnessed chairs be pulled out from underneath them without being touched, as well as sightings of strange apparitions in the darkness. At the Old Castlemaine Gaol, Lantern has witnessed the last prisoner to be hung still wandering around.

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