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Run and hide: Friday 13 is back a second time

As if February's edition of the unlucky day wasn't bad enough, March will also be receiving the same Friday 13 treatment. In addition, November 2015 also contains the day, so there's no escaping it this year.

If you're not afraid, book yourself into one of our frightening Friday 13 ghost tours, either at the Old Castlemaine Gaol, Southport General Cemetery or Eynesbury Homestead.

To get you excited, or perhaps more accurately, quaking in your sweat-soaked shoes, here are some real unlucky stories from the dreaded day in question.

The unluckiest boy

It was a normal, albeit somewhat stormy air show in Suffolk, England. The famous Red Arrows flew past, when suddenly the heavens themselves opened up and grumbled at the innocent bystanders below.

"Suddenly there was this huge crack of lightning really close to the seafront and really loud thunder," said Rex Clarke, St John team leader at the show, to the Mirror. "Seconds later we got a call someone had been hit."

A young boy, 13 years of age, had been hit by a bolt, suffering burns to his shoulder. What's even stranger, he was struck at precisely 1:13 p.m., or 1313 in 24-hour time.

The ghost of a crusader

There have been reports throughout the 20th century that the ghost of a famous crusader for African American rights in the US, Frederick Douglass, has been haunting racists on Friday 13.

The earliest account, a writer states on Patheos, comes from a terrified Supreme Court Justice in 1897. He seemed very interested in the death of Frederick Douglass - unusually interested, as if scared.

Fred Clark, the writer, recites more stories he feels are linked, all involving the terrifying ghost of Douglass tormenting a "racist wretch" at night. Sometimes he speaks, sometimes he stares and sometimes he gets violent - leaving the victim badly bruised.

Will luck go your way this Friday 13, or will you suffer as those before you have? We'll see very soon.

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