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The culture of haunted Thailand

Though many people in the Western world may look at reportedly haunted sites and scoff, there are those in the world who know better.

Thailand is a country that flourishes with culture, and many of its locations - such as Bangkok or Phuket - are famous tourism hot spots. However, elephant rides and fascinating landscape aren't the only things that define the Thai people.

Their lore, both historical and modern, is filled with ghost stories.

"Westerners may believe in Satan. In the nations of Southeast Asia, we believe in ghosts," said one Thai paranormal investigator.

So what kind of surreal spirits can you expect to find in the country?

Phi Am

The Phi Am are a type of spirit who sits on people's chests while they sleep, causing breathing difficulties. They have been known to smother some unfortunate souls to death.

Phi Kraseu

Much like Japan's Onryo, Thailand's Phi Kraseu at first appears to be a normal, beautiful woman. At night, however, her head literally separates from her body and floats off to consume feces, placenta and all manner of disgusting things. This spirit supposedly swaps host via saliva.

Phi Tai Hong Tong Klom

This particular spirit is one of the most feared in all of Thailand. You see, not only is it an unfortunate pregnant woman who died a sudden and violent death, but it's also the spirit of her unborn child - still in the womb. As such, the Phi Tai Hong Tong Klom has the power of two ghosts, and as such is considered twice as evil. Many undertakers in Thailand reportedly sew up the mouths of deceased pregnant victims in order to prevent them from returning to haunt the living.

Thailand also has ghosts that spread malaria (Phi Tai Ha), scare people in specific haunted locations (Phi Lok) and devour their hosts from the inside out (Phi Pop).

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