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UK ghost hunters captured a legendary ghost

UK ghost hunters claim they have captured legendary ghost on camera.

If you don’t believe in ghosts, after reading this article you might just have a change of mind. A team of ghost hunters in the UK claimed that they have captured footage of Lincolnshire's legendary ghosts during a livestream.

Retford Ghost Hunters visited the strip of road next to the defunct RAF Metheringham base which is said to be the home to Catherine Bystock, also known as Metheringham Lass. During the livestream, several people claimed they saw an apparition appear in front of the car.

Managing director of Retford Ghost Hunters Rachel Parsons told Lincolnshire Live that there was something special about this sighting. "It was amazing. We get pictures of ghosts a lot and they're great, but this is just wow. It was right in front of the car. It was right in front of the car,” she said.

The area is well known for being allegedly haunted and the team of ghost hunters wanted to go and check for themselves. “We were out around that way and thought we'd go and have a look at the road. We did the hunt from the car because it was absolutely freezing. I wound down the window and said, 'if you're here Catherine, show yourself'. All of a sudden, there was a massive thump on the car and the flashing lights went off. Not just one person but seven or eight people sent us a screenshot from the video. As the flashing lights were going off, she stood right in front of the car,” Rachel said.

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