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Is the ghost of a US Marine haunting a young boy?

A recent news report - first reported by News Channel 3 in Virginia, US - is suggesting some pretty creepy things. Michelle Lucas, mother of four-year old Andrew, believes the ghost of a dead US Marine has possessed her boy.

First, the soldier. It is believed that the being in question is the ghost of Sergeant Val Lewis, who was stationed in Lebanon at the time of his death. On October 23, 1983, Sgt. Lewis was inside his barracks in Lebanon's capital, Beirut. At the time there were a number of nations involved in peacekeeping activities in the city, as the terrorist group Hezbollah was active.

On the day in question, a truck carrying a 12,000-pound bomb charged through the gates of the US Marine compound, slammed into the first floor of its four-story barracks building and detonated. A total of 242 soldiers were killed in the explosion, marking it as the worst terrorist attack outside of the States ever. The good sergeant was in the barracks at the time.

What does this have anything to do with a mother and child in Virginia Beach?

Much to his mother's despair, Andrew seems to be able to recall memories and information he shouldn't know, causing him to cry hysterically. When his mother asks him why he is crying, he replies, "Why did you let me die in that fire?"

Is Andrew Lucas possessed by a Marine, or is the whole house a haunted site?

On top of that, the boy knew something very specific he had no way of knowing on his own - an address in the town of Sumter, Georgia, over 1,000 kilometers away. With the help of producers from a TV show about ghost investigations, Michelle took her son to the grave of the Marine after establishing it could be his spirit. Andrew put a flower on the grave, turned to his mother and said, "That's my friend."

It did not, however, make the strange occurrences go away. Michelle is still trying to figure out if it's just the boy who is haunted, or perhaps the entire house.

What do you think is happening?

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