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Is there "wrongness" in Antarctica's haunted place?

Being so cold, windy and desolate, you might not expect a place like Antarctica to have any ghost stories. However, you'd be wrong.

Haunted Ross Island

Ross Island is not only home to both the American Antarctic base, McMurdo, but also New Zealand's Scott Base just less than two kilometers south. It is a volcanic region, home to two of the most well-known, and indeed feared, mountains on the continent: Mounts Erebus and Terror.

How could these possibly be haunted places when so few people visit?

On November 28, 1979, a sightseeing expedition was flying over the area, surveying Mt Erebus with 257 on board the plane. At 12.30pm NZT, the last known position of the flight TE901 was established, and they never heard from them again.

The US was first to begin searching, followed quickly by New Zealand. After hours of scouring the area, a Hercules plane spotted a 'black smear' on the slopes of the mountain - the plane had been found, or rather, what was left of it.

In the final moments of flight TE901's Cockpit Voice Recorder transcript, the pilots seem to be uncertain about what they are looking at.

A computer voice whoops at them, repeatedly telling them to pull up.

It is cut off before it can finish.

The ghosts that remain

There were no survivors of the Mt Erebus plane disaster.

However, there have been reports from McMurdo Base of strange, unexplainable feelings and events. It is believed that the ghosts of flight TE901 wander the frozen tundra, forever trapped on our world despite their horrific and sudden passing.

One visitor to the base explained that she had a feeling of "wrongness" when she entered the base. Others have commented that they hear whispers in the dark, and quiet footsteps when no one is around.

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