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People keep seeing ghosts on Tesla screens in graveyards

People keep seeing ghosts on Tesla screens in graveyards

Has Elon figured out how to communicate with the dead?

In the clip, the driver has a camera pointed at the interior dash screen that detects and displays objects that the car could potentially collide with when on autopilot. Usually it shows pedestrians and animals, like deer or dogs, and is meant to keep the motorist aware of their surroundings, even when they’re not in control of the car. In the viral video taken in a graveyard, the system seemingly detects several human shapes as well as a dog, all of which very much do not exist in real life.

The clip was uploaded by a woman named Yailin Murillo who says it was taken by her uncle. But it’s not the first time reports of a Tesla tracking mysterious invisible figures inside of a cemetery have surfaced.

One commenter on the video (@stalinfortimeee) says he has “worked on Tesla’s [sic]” and muses that because the sensors are “super strong,” the car is actually “detecting a human anatomy from 6ft under.”

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