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Spooky sightseeing: Queensland

A trip to Queensland is a must-do for any traveler. With colorful rainforests in-land and sandy beaches dotted along the coastline, this state is well-known for its natural attractions. However, another kind of force is said to be at work throughout the maroon state, making many a tourist shiver no matter how high the mercury may soar. Queensland has plenty of haunted sites - read on for our short guide to visiting some of the most infamous locations in the area. Be careful - you might catch your death!

Boggo Road Jail

South of Brisbane, the Boggo Road jail was home to some of the most notorious prisoners in the state, as well as being the place of numerous executions over the years until 1913. The only woman to be hanged in Queensland, Ellen Thomson, met her end here at the Boggo Road execution site as well as countless other inmates. Some of the most wanted criminals, including the Whiskey Au Go-Go fire bombing duo James Finch and Andrew Stuart, were sent here after being captured and many believe the restless souls of former prisoners still roam about the prison walls to this day.

Southport Cemetery

Southport Cemetery is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Queensland.

Take a wander through Southport cemetery on a guided tour, where you can learn more about the undead that are said to still inhabit the grounds. Approximately 5,000 bloody, deathly stories are thought to be related to this location, so the chances that you may meet one of the cemetery ghosts are high! Described as "spooky but entertaining" by previous guests, you're in for a thrilling but chilling time.

Gold Coast

No longer just a place for sun and surfing, if you scratch the shiny surface of the Gold Coast's beach-side appeal, you're likely to catch more than just waves. Numerous tales of devilish goings-on and unexplained mysteries are often buried beneath the brighter, more positive image of this coastline but don't despair, legend has it that two spirits of the city's previous residents, Ned Harper and Desi Quinlan, wander at night.

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