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The Old Morgue at the Ghost of the Old City of Williamstown

There's a place that everyone is dying to get into, the Old Morgue at Williamstown.

The old morgue was built by prisoners. Initially, coroners' examinations were conducted in hotel basements where the bodies were suspended from the ceiling by ropes to forestall the attention of rats. As many bodies were in a state of decomposition they caused old factory offense, and so the morgue was built.

Many of the bodies that went through here died of diseases imported from abroad, arriving on boats (smallpox, yellow fever, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria and tuberculosis, scarlet fever rife). Drowning is also not uncommon and suicide also a repeated occurrence.

As we run investigations at the old morgue, a lot of guests have complained about nightmares and headaches for a week after the tour. There was once a girl who was overwhelmed with sorrow she had to leave the tour..

Yes, it's that HIGH with paranormal presence!


*20% off is for the tour only (not dinner + ghost tour)

If you think your heart can handle it, join us on a tour!

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