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What is the supernatural significance of the full moon?

Of the many phases of the moon, the full moon is perhaps the most infamous. Despite this, the event is still often shrouded in mystery although many believe that paranormal activity peaks when the moon is at its fullest, as well as also many tales of lunacy associated with this stage in the moon's cycle. Learn more about this space event and why it can make haunted places even more terrifying!

While the night of the full moon itself may get all the attention, it's actually the two to three days either side of this event that is considered as supernatural primetime. Other natural events such as storms and geomagnetic fields are said to attract spirits too.

A commonly held belief that paranormal beings and happenings are the result of spikes in energy fields in the world. Therefore, certain circumstances can cause this energy to increase and intensify, meaning the divide between the earthly world and other dimensions is lessened, which the full moon can exacerbate.

Could a full moon cause lunacy?

Over time, a connection has been seemingly created between moon activity and mental health, with many proclaiming throughout history that the full moon can heighten the onset of lunacy. Some have attributed this to the energy fields that the moon emits and the earthly effects this can have on humans, similar to the ones that cause the tides to change and other natural consequences.

However, this has been interpreted in a more sinister way, especially popularized in gothic literature in the 19th century and more recently in film and on television. One scientific theory attempts to support this claim, suggesting that in the same way tides are affected by the moon, so too can a full moon cause an imbalance in the water in the human body and so lead to delusions and other signs of madness.

To put this theory to the test, why not take a tour of an insane asylum during a full moon? Just be careful not to lose your head!

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